Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy   3 days back

    Galaxy Fold or Mate X?

  • Yasin Rashid
    Yasin Rashid  1 less than a minute back

    As if it has been build for the first time...
    Same experience as with a tablet this size only difference it folds into half!

    • Guillermo Sturm
      Guillermo Sturm  17 less than a minute back

      Vgbmmbtlynñun €%_¿□ ¿| ¡| ¤▪•
      ●¡□ n galaxi

      • Malc B
        Malc B  21 less than a minute back

        Fold or note 10 ?

        • Rees TV
          Rees TV  27 less than a minute back

          Tempered Glass & Screen Protector:Am i a joke to u?

          • Jonah Novack
            Jonah Novack  28 less than a minute back

            I’d never buy it first of all that thing is EXPENSIVE AS and WHAT ABOUT OTTER BOXES AND CASES 😂

            • z
              z  29 less than a minute back

              Samsung over priced, over hyped and have a naff UI that takes up far too much resources. No way would I pay the silly price this phone will go for, also it has problems already.

              • Dogfartface
                Dogfartface  1 minutes back

                Shame about the massive notch on tablet mode tho xD

                • Wayinthewoods101
                  Wayinthewoods101  1 minutes back


                  • Audrey Nilsson
                    Audrey Nilsson  1 minutes back

                    People: Omg such *futurish*

                    Front-end/back-end/ui/ux: T-T why

                    • kyestar88
                      kyestar88  2 minutes back

                      Omfg it's a Nintendo DS

                      • Mr Redzuan
                        Mr Redzuan  2 minutes back

                        Next video: I'm switching to the Galaxy Fold with the infamous *facepalm*

                        • favingthatshit
                          favingthatshit  2 minutes back

                          Is this an Unfolding?

                          • Jonah Novack
                            Jonah Novack  2 minutes back

                            Samsung makes a foldable phone :

                            Otter box : am I some kind of joke to you

                            Cases am I a joke to you ?

                            • Pranaya Shyoran
                              Pranaya Shyoran  3 minutes back

                              Am i the only one who miss his spectacles? He looks weird without em

                              • Dogfartface
                                Dogfartface  3 minutes back

                                It's a shame he's not actually reading those YT comments at 5:20

                                • Jonah Novack
                                  Jonah Novack  4 minutes back

                                  My question DID THEY EVEN THINK ABOUT OTTER BOXES OR CASES

                                  • Steven Fox
                                    Steven Fox  4 minutes back

                                    Idk I’m just completely not interested in this kind of product.

                                    • fadil ramadana
                                      fadil ramadana  4 minutes back

                                      Imagine a guy buy that samsung galaxy fold just to play fortnite

                                      • Jonah Novack
                                        Jonah Novack  4 minutes back

                                        It’s screen is way to small when it’s folded

                                        • هذال
                                          هذال  4 minutes back


                                          • not me
                                            not me  5 minutes back

                                            14000$ on that table!

                                            • James
                                              James  6 minutes back

                                              Not impressed Nintendo was on this ages ago 🙄

                                              • dach829
                                                dach829  6 minutes back

                                                I had me till $1900

                                                • Doding Doding
                                                  Doding Doding  7 minutes back

                                                  Can you give me a phone Idol? (UNBOX THERAPY)
                                                  I need a phone, I can't afford to buy one. 😔sad
                                                  Hays. Thank you in advance.

                                                  • watdahell watdafaq
                                                    watdahell watdafaq  8 minutes back

                                                    Can't wait for pocofold f1

                                                    • ashykutcher
                                                      ashykutcher  8 minutes back

                                                      $14,000 in phones laid out 11:21

                                                      • Krumpli Nudli
                                                        Krumpli Nudli  8 minutes back

                                                        u faild, never remoov the protector from screen!!!!

                                                        • Google Devices
                                                          Google Devices  9 minutes back

                                                          Why Is Everyone Writing Comments...

                                                          On Two Lines? Is This Cool Or Something?

                                                          • milk cream
                                                            milk cream  11 minutes back

                                                            how much money did you make on this video? almost 10 million views! Fuck me!

                                                            • GaBe CSGO
                                                              GaBe CSGO  11 minutes back

                                                              How do u get a case for that thing ??? 🤨

                                                              • Daemous
                                                                Daemous  11 minutes back

                                                                I just feel like people are going to complain that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is going to damage itself(screen scratches screen, folding it too hard and it breaks, a severe lack of choice in cases, longevity of the hinge, breaking the hinge, etc.).

                                                                • prince earl
                                                                  prince earl  11 minutes back


                                                                  • Anu Modi
                                                                    Anu Modi  11 minutes back

                                                                    That's Expensive???
                                                                    Apple - Oh Common Let Us Launch Our iFold 😂

                                                                    • Gerwin .W
                                                                      Gerwin .W  12 minutes back

                                                                      Its hilarious knowing its shit and this guy getting so excited about it xD

                                                                      • bram duit
                                                                        bram duit  13 minutes back

                                                                        I liked the case the most

                                                                        • 베 베
                                                                          베 베  14 minutes back

                                                                          와 지린다

                                                                          • Michael Ellsworth
                                                                            Michael Ellsworth  14 minutes back

                                                                            Is it stylus compatible? Because the Galaxy mega cannot use a stylus at all... Designed that way... Stupidly... LoL

                                                                            • Anjan Das Vines
                                                                              Anjan Das Vines  14 minutes back

                                                                              Separate video for Gameplay for PUBG.
                                                                              How many of you want it hit like.

                                                                              Love from Nepal 😊

                                                                              • dashy227
                                                                                dashy227  14 minutes back

                                                                                How many boxes was that

                                                                                • RubbinitRaw
                                                                                  RubbinitRaw  14 minutes back

                                                                                  its so huge and still get a notch in fullscreen.

                                                                                  • Narchu 7654
                                                                                    Narchu 7654  15 minutes back

                                                                                    The iPhone 6 can fold way better than this

                                                                                    • Paderick Monahan
                                                                                      Paderick Monahan  16 minutes back

                                                                                      Wow... Your hair is a lot greyer than the last time I watched a video of yours!

                                                                                      I dunno man. You just seem like a marketing shell. The video style is so professional that it's lost all sense of originality. Watching you isn't any different than watching TV. You aren't YouTube my friend. But you dominate the game none the less, can't deny the facts

                                                                                      • Street707 - Mustang Vlogger, FPV Pilot & PC Gamer

                                                                                        That is a sick phone!

                                                                                        • 정소영
                                                                                          정소영  16 minutes back

                                                                                          완전 신기하고 좋긴한데.... 개인적으로 화면접히는부분에 선있는거랑 접었을때 폰이 평행이아니고 기울어보이는게 계속 거슬리네요ㅠㅠ 마상...너무기대했나봄....
                                                                                          그래도 갖고싶당....

                                                                                          • Jericho Magno
                                                                                            Jericho Magno  16 minutes back

                                                                                            How many fold can this thing take before it broke?

                                                                                            • TGE Gaming
                                                                                              TGE Gaming  17 minutes back

                                                                                              Wait what will the cases look like

                                                                                              • GameplayDigital
                                                                                                GameplayDigital  17 minutes back

                                                                                                Want big screen?
                                                                                                Buy a PC