Fire engulfs Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

  • Published: 15 April 2019
  • The spire atop the iconic Notre Dame cathedral collapsed amid a devastating fire at the Paris cathedral.
    Images and video showed flames and thick plumes of smoke billowing up and around the spire, which is surrounded by scaffolding. Video from the scene showed the flaming spire lean to one side and then collapse amid the smoke.

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    Video from BFM TV:
    Video from AFP:

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  • the lord of raccoons
    the lord of raccoons  1 days back

    I was burning to see this

    • Sandpit Family
      Sandpit Family  3 days back

      Does anyone know how the fire happend because I do it was a worker on top of the roof and then he acidently undid a screw and made a big sparkle and caused a fire on the roof

      • tyks ds
        tyks ds  5 days back

        It's the ghost of Frollo!

        • Kenny Flanders
          Kenny Flanders  2 weeks back

          It was destroyed by Fire.....


          • Caramel Macchiato
            Caramel Macchiato  3 weeks back

            Damn it frollo

            • The Thundernado
              The Thundernado  3 weeks back

              I swear if someone sings hellfire

              • Grollivers Gacha
                Grollivers Gacha  3 weeks back

                _it's amazing how the cross is still standing over all of the flames_

                • Evencio Ruiz1998
                  Evencio Ruiz1998  3 weeks back

                  Oh My Gosh No Notre Dame Burning In Church That's Very Sad In ParisπŸ—Ό

                  • Allsek
                    Allsek  1 months back


                    • Phantom
                      Phantom  1 months back

                      I guess frollo wasn’t kidding

                      • Joshua Lowe
                        Joshua Lowe  1 months back

                        Phantom Nope. His spirit carried on his work.

                    • Connell Carter the Jeff Gordon fan 2001

                      We didn't start the fire! It was always burning since the worlds been turning! We didn't start the fire! No we didn't light it but we tried to fight it!

                      • A devilishly handsome Canadian

                        Claude Frollo unleashed the Hellfire

                        • M_Meg
                          M_Meg  1 months back

                          I honestly don't care the spire isn't even historical it was built 70 years ago only the two front towers are historical and that 1B euros that got donated they could of used it on cleaning the sea it's useless this Notre dame

                          • Ahmet Hakan Γ‡elebi
                            Ahmet Hakan Γ‡elebi  1 months back

                            Welcome to hell πŸ”₯

                            • Malnourished orphan 420
                              Malnourished orphan 420  2 months back

                              Lolololilololololololololololol hahahaahahahhaahhahahaha

                              • Patrick Lloyd
                                Patrick Lloyd  2 months back

                                This tragedy got me thinking over the past few weeks about a form of thought experiment: What would happen if say, the Roman Colosseum or the Parthenon were to collapse in an earthquake, completely collapse, like nothing left but unidentifiable rubble, how would it be rebuilt? Would they rebuild it to the state it was in before the earthquake? Would they clear or leave the debris and erect a plaque in its place? Or would they go through all the records from antiquity and restore it to its original complete state?

                                • Antanas Juska
                                  Antanas Juska  2 months back

                                  Temple of the beast has fallen, put in last trump, come and kill me ,karaliauciaus 9-3, yeshua.

                                  • hypatia of Alexandria
                                    hypatia of Alexandria  2 months back

                                    There have been a thousand churches attacked in France in the past year.. by a certain ethnic group new to the area. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the Notre Dame burnt down.. I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the clear attack on French churches that has been happening over the course of the past year..

                                    • Kawayoporu
                                      Kawayoporu  2 months back

                                      Oh, I also heard sadly there was a new house that was still being built months ago and was burned yesterday night at 2 and someone I know lives close to that house and heard a couple was sad about their new home gone.

                                      • Kawayoporu
                                        Kawayoporu  2 months back

                                        Is this the first iconic landmark to be destroyed or is it the second destroyed landmark after the iconic twin towers in NY in 2001 and now another in paris in 2019?

                                        We don't know if it was the terrorist attack on that cathedral like the towers.

                                        • Pagan Chatman
                                          Pagan Chatman  2 months back

                                          One of two things happened; Claude Frollo was messing with the fireplace or the priest was trying to get rid of their child pornos.

                                          • Isis Ryan
                                            Isis Ryan  2 months back

                                            There are native trees of Australia in New South Wales that are 8000 years old and they’re going to be ripped from the ground and turned into paper to wipe our asses with and no one has done anything. They’re are mothers in Africa crying cradling their dead babies that died from starvation and yet no one has donated that much money with that much ergency to save Them. A Muslim church that’s much older than Notre dame burnt down that day yet no one gave a shit. The world is heating up and is going to burn us down with it just like the Notre dame. Yet, no one has done this much for all these causes that they have for the Notre Dame.

                                            A girl in my class said something that’ll stick with me forever β€œlet Notre Dame burn, bomb it even. There is much much more important things that are going but no one cares. So I say let it burn. I want it to burn. Maybe people will listen to the other issues..”

                                            You can get angry and pissy at me. The Notre dame may be a tradgety but the bigger tradgety was the amount of money that was donated is enough to feed and shelter BILLIONS but it was spent on a fucking church. Is material objects really that more important than the children? Than the planet? Than our existence? Than all the animals being whipped from the face of the earth daily? Really?

                                            I had more faith in our people than I should have I think.. I just pray that people will someday realise what comes first.. veterans most the time can’t even pay for their childrens college or pay for their own rent. So I agree, let it burn. I want it to burn.

                                            • Clyde Wayne
                                              Clyde Wayne  2 months back

                                              God i,m so sorry this had to happen😭😭

                                              • Samantha Converse
                                                Samantha Converse  2 months back

                                                The same camera angle???????????? Aaallllll news channels???????? If you gon do deceitful shit at least orchestrate it better

                                                • Shayne Lewis
                                                  Shayne Lewis  2 months back

                                                  It represent a closer time to the coming of Jesus

                                                  • Rad 303
                                                    Rad 303  2 months back

                                                    America invades middle east, middle east invades europe and america. Americans just did the worst mistake in this century by having a weak government but invading multiple countries. And of course muslims burnt down the cathedral.

                                                    • Rad 303
                                                      Rad 303  2 months back

                                                      The cathedral was burnt down by muslims. Youtube series "Europa the last battle" makes so much sense. There has to be an small group of psychopaths who want a international communist state. First step would be making the western culture stink. The western europe allows muslim radicalists to freely enter the country and the westerners themselves accept the unacceptable for example transgenders and whatnot.. the western europe is slowly becoming a slave to the international communist judea by literally weakening itself.

                                                      • Sharia Shit
                                                        Sharia Shit  2 months back

                                                        This is how Islam working. Destroying Europe culture. This Islam, tries come to Europe before, but always has been beaten. Before, they didn’t have a politicians, they had a strong leaders. Today is opposite, no leaders , but lots of politicians. Islam and politicians, destroying Europe.

                                                        • NAKA
                                                          NAKA  2 months back

                                                          This how racist work.
                                                          Bullshit , Bullshit and Bullshit

                                                      • mustLoveDogs
                                                        mustLoveDogs  2 months back

                                                        In the last 12 months, 800 churches in France had been desecrated or set on fire. But it is not FAKE refugees doing this...
                                                        And you think that Notre Dame fire was an ACCIDENT????? yeah, right... see other peoples views:
                                                        dingle dooley:April 2019: The fact that officials were calling it an accident before the fire was out, and the long string of desicrated churches throughout Europe following the migration crisis certainly looks suspicious.
                                                        Christian B:April 2019: Seems odd to me they would immediately say it’s not arson or terrorism when nobody knows what happened.

                                                        • foggle boggle
                                                          foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                          then have a nice dinner while the screaming slows to permanent death

                                                          • foggle boggle
                                                            foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                            SINK MY TEETH IN THEIR FLESH I WANT BLOOD
                                                            AND I WANT THEM SKINNNED FLAYED ALIVE

                                                            • foggle boggle
                                                              foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                              I WANT BLOOD

                                                              • foggle boggle
                                                                foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                WHO BURNT NOTRE DAME ?

                                                                • foggle boggle
                                                                  foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                  WHO BURNT THE CHURCH ?

                                                                  • foggle boggle
                                                                    foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                    HAND OVER THE GUILTY FUCKS
                                                                    OR COP UR CHURCHES BURNING IN HELLLLLLLL

                                                                    • foggle boggle
                                                                      foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                      WHEN WE FIND OUT
                                                                      PPL WILL FORGET HUMANITY AN SKIN THEM ALIVEEEEE ALIVE ALIVE
                                                                      SCREAMING ALIVE
                                                                      IN SECRET
                                                                      SO FUCK U WE GET REVENGE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER

                                                                      • foggle boggle
                                                                        foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                        WELL THE PPL WILL BURN UR CHURCHES DOWN SEE HOW U LIKE IT CHURCHES OF ENGLAND

                                                                        • foggle boggle
                                                                          foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                          WHO BURNT THE EFN CATHEDRAL? WHO HUH WHO DID IT

                                                                          • foggle boggle
                                                                            foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                            TELL THE TRUTH OR WE CUT UR ORANGE TREES DOWN

                                                                            • foggle boggle
                                                                              foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                              WHO WAS IT THAT BURNT THE CATHEDRAL
                                                                              NO MORE LIES
                                                                              TELL THE TRUTH FRANCE

                                                                              • nooneknows
                                                                                nooneknows  2 months back

                                                                                lol. You going to suggest it was an inside job?

                                                                            • foggle boggle
                                                                              foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                              WHO GAVE U THE MONEY TO REBUILD CATHEDRAL? WAS IT BRITISH
                                                                              WASNT AFRICANS THEY DONT HAVE THE MONEY THEY RELY ON THE WORLD WITH DONATIONS TO MAKE THEIR KIDS LOOK RICH AND HAVE MORE
                                                                              AND THE POOR KEEP STARVING FOR THEM TO HAVE HAND OUTS
                                                                              HOW AWEFUL TO LIVE ON HANDOUTS HAHAHAH LOL
                                                                              WAS NTO AFRICANS THEY DONT HAVE TH ECASH
                                                                              WAS NOT SPANISH THEY LOVE CHURCHES OF ALL KINDS
                                                                              EVEN GOTH ONES
                                                                              WAS NOT ROMANS
                                                                              WHO WAS IT

                                                                              • foggle boggle
                                                                                foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                                WHAT ABOUT OTHERS
                                                                                I AM PRETTY SURE GOD WILL AID U BUILDING HIS GREAT ANCIENT CHURCH BUT NOT IF ITS DIRTY MONEY

                                                                                • foggle boggle
                                                                                  foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                                  WHAT ABOUT STARVATION
                                                                                  WHY DID U TAKE THAT MONEY FOR HMM
                                                                                  WHY DIDNT U LET THEM SHOW THEIR FACES SO WORLD KNOWS TO PAT THEM ON THE BACK
                                                                                  NO NO CUZ ITS A BRIBE AND THERE FACES WILL BE SEEN ON TV

                                                                                  • foggle boggle
                                                                                    foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                                    everyone complains so CAN I
                                                                                    WHAT ABOUT ME AND THE ABUSED VICTIMS OF IDIOT UGLY FEMALES AND MALES WANTING TO LOOK COOL
                                                                                    TO EVERYONE BUT HIDE THE LIES THINKING THIS IS WHAT U DO
                                                                                    WELL ITS NOT WHAT U DO
                                                                                    GODS SENDING ALL HIS FIRE ANGELS AND THEY WILL BURNMANKIND DOWN
                                                                                    FOR NOTHING
                                                                                    YET U PIGGIES WILL TAKE BRIBES OVER BURNING MANS ART HIS ANCIENT WAY OF LIFE
                                                                                    DONT TOUCH ANCIENT MANS LIFE WHAT HE BUILD WHAT PAINTINGS HE LEFT
                                                                                    ITS HUMAN TO US TO HAVE SOMETHING TO KEEP
                                                                                    DONT MATTER IF ITS NOT OURS OR OUR ART OR RELIGION IT WAS OURS ONCE UPONA TIME
                                                                                    SO KEEP IT THIS WAY DONT VOTE FOR MIDGETS NO MORE THERE GREEDY AND TAKE BRIBES

                                                                                    • foggle boggle
                                                                                      foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                                      AND FUCK U FOR TAKING BRIBES DIRTY PERSON U ARE GOVT OF FRANCE U DISGUST ME

                                                                                      • foggle boggle
                                                                                        foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                                        THE NINTH HOUSE IS RULER OF UR GOVT OF ALL U SEE IN UR LAND FRANCE
                                                                                        AND IM TELLING U
                                                                                        DO NOT ABIDE WITH AUSSIES OR U WILL BE FACED WITH DANGEROUS WEATHER
                                                                                        AND DESTRUCTION
                                                                                        AND U DID DIDNT U
                                                                                        U PLAY WITH EM LIEK MONEY MONEY MONEY HUNGRY GOVT DOGSSSS
                                                                                        U LET THE DUMB AUSSIES PLAY WITH UR PPL FEELINGS EMOTIONS AND DESIRES U MAKE THEM LOOK GUILTY AND
                                                                                        LET ME WARN U
                                                                                        IF U TOUCH A HAIR ON THEIR HEADS I WILL FLOOD U LIKE A HOSE ON ANTS
                                                                                        GET A DIFFERENT LEADER IN FRANCE THIS ONE IS NO GOOD
                                                                                        HE TAKES BRIBES
                                                                                        I WANT HIM GONE

                                                                                        • foggle boggle
                                                                                          foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                                          I WARNED U NOT TO LET HTEM IN THEY WILL BRING THE SAME AS THEY DID TO THEIR LANDS
                                                                                          TO URS
                                                                                          I MEANT AUSTRALIANS U DUMB FUCKS
                                                                                          DONT LET THEM IN
                                                                                          THEY WILL DO THE SAME THEIR IDIOTS THEY WANT TO GAS PPL AND TEST ON THEM AND FUCK EN ELL MAN THEY CANT STOP

                                                                                          • foggle boggle
                                                                                            foggle boggle  2 months back

                                                                                            STRANGE HOW ALL THE ARTIFACTS WERE SAFE
                                                                                            ISNT IT FRANCE HMM
                                                                                            AND THEN U RECIEVE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS
                                                                                            HOW MUCH DID U POCKET FOR THE BURNING OF MY RELIGION
                                                                                            U FUCKEN CUNT FRENCH GREEDY EYED PIGS
                                                                                            HOW MUCH DID U POCKET